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About Lynn

welcome to shuttrup photography!  i'm absolutely thrilled you’ve chosen to visit my website.  i  am living my dreams since i have been giving the opportunity to photograph weddings, families & provide Photo Booth Rentals. i love what i do & i believe my work communicates such.

a little bit about us...

lynn - i turned a hobby into a thriving business; becoming the top photography company on thumbtack for lakewood, ohio in 2015.  i use my creative background in graphic design; which i earned at the university of texas to make your photos really pop.  i specialize in making sure we get the shots you want, and giving you something to remember for the rest of your life.

i would love to work with you and make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.  i'll help you with anything you need to make your special day easier; from making save-the-date cards all the way to making wedding programs if you need them.  i know how hard it is to plan a wedding and my goal is to make sure you can relax when the day comes.

christopher - he is an accomplished software engineer and all-out computer nerd.  he loves a challenge and does not ever settle for the easy way out.  his goal is to make everything exciting and he brings his action-style view to every image he captures.  if there is something you want done, he will find the way to do it.

he started off taking photos for a local baseball team; in rochester, new york; as a way to get more involved with the action.  he has taken that passion and love for action into his professional photography jobs.  if you are jumping out of a window, he is the photographer that will catch that.

he does not like the boring pre-planned poses that you would never do.  instead he likes to follow the group around and catch you doing what you do.  to him, photography is catching you being you!

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