Wondering how it all works?

Booking your session

We try to book your session during week but we have some weekends available if that is needed.  For most sessions we recommend starting first time in the morning (around 10:00 am) or later in the day around 4:00 to 5:00 pm; depending on the season.  These times gives us the best natural light.

When you are ready to book your session, please contact us via phone (440-497-0868) or email at lmoyer@shuttrup.com.

To reserve your date, a 50% deposit of the package price is due at the time of booking.  The deposit is applied to your session fee and is non-refundable.  We also require a signed contract and model release before the session.  The remaining balance of your session fee is due on the day of your session, before your session will begin.

Preparing for your session

First, you'll need to choose your location.  Home is always a great choice, especially for cats and shy dogs.  Parks and quiet urban areas are nice choices too.  It's up to you and where you and your pets will be most comfortable and safe.

Some of our favorite outdoor locations are:

* Coe Lake

* Metroparks

To prepare, we recommend a quick grooming prior to the session... Just a quick brushing, cleaning of the eyes, trimming the nails...

A well-exercised pet is a well-behaved pet; so it is very helpful to take your dog for a walk before the session.  Its also good to feed him or her a little less than normal a few hours before the session; when they are a little hungry they respond better for treats.

We always bring water and a travel bowl, but it doesn't hurt to bring some yourself especially when working outdoors.

You are more than welcome to bring any props you would like us to use.  They can be a special collar, favorite toys and cute accessories.  Please feel free to ask for advice.

Your pets safety during these session is our number one priority.  You must be present for the entire duration of the session.  If you have concerns about your dog being off-leash during the session, please bring a leash.  However, if you plan to use one, we recommend a thin style of leash such as a retractable Flexi leash, as it will be less noticeable and easier to remove in post-processing.

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After the Session

In the time between your session and viewing and ordering session, you will be treated to some sneak peeks on Facebook.

About 36-48 hours after your session, we will email you with a link to your online proofing gallery.  This will contain approximately 25-45 edited images for you to review, choose your favorites and order products.  Your gallery will be available for 12 months.

Most packages you have to choose a certain number of images that will be delivered to you via a CD, this images must be chosen within 30 days of receiving your gallery link.

Our average client invests about $100-200 in products.  All product payments will be due in full before the order is delivered.

For payment, we accept cash, check and all major credit cards.  

Receiving your Prints and Products

Depending on your order, your beautiful new products will be delivered to you in about 2-3 weeks.

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